Payment Processing for Gyms

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Payment Processing for Gyms


Latest Equipment

We provide all of the equipment your business needs to accept payments, including EMV, at little to no cost! With HMS you're always up-to-date and secure with all of our technology and equipment.



Our expert team provides all of the programming, configuration, and support for you to seamlessly conduct business.


Guaranteed Savings

Ever wonder if you have a great rate? Do you know how much you pay your current provider vs. how much goes to the card associations? Feel confident that you know what you're paying and that you are getting a great rate with Gym Merchant Services.


24x7x365 Support

We are there for your business every day. Gym Merchant Services provides unmatched service, support, and customer care. Our team works hard to earn your business every day with outstanding customer service.

Why customers choose us

Here at Health Merchant Services we are payment processing and credit card experts for the healthcare industry and related businesses. Whether you are a small doctor's office, large hospital, or anything in between, Health Merchant Services can provide payment processing solutions that streamline your business and improve patient and customer satisfaction.

Added Benefits

  • Excellent Arround The Clock Support
  • Our Best Rate Promise
  • No Conseeled Charges
  • No Term Commitment
  • POS with no starting charges


"In the fitness industry, cutting costs are extremely imperative. Gym Merchant Services saves our company a significant amount of capital each and every month. They also make sure our merchant services processing is never offline."

John Taylor Jumpstart Gym

"Gym Merchant Services has been excellent. They helped me save a significant amount of money in credit card processing fees each month, while always providing me with customer service that some of the bigger guys just can't beat."

Andrew Klauston Hello Fitness